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  • An alert system review came up with the brilliant idea to replace the old siren and ‘stinger’ mobile alert technology, with a fully cell phone-based system. Siren alerts were seen as no longer fit for purpose. The obvious problem with cell phone alerts, is the vulnerability to the cellular network c

  • Our region has experienced a disaster unequalled in most of our lifetimes. The devastation wrought by Cyclone Gabrielle carries with it much sadness and grief due to the loss of life. The loss of homes, livelihoods and critical infrastructure has traumatised all throughout our communities.

  • Major storms sweeping the country are now the cause of apoplectic nightmares for Hawke’s Bay council’s. Every rain event carries the potential to inundate vulnerable flood control systems, particularly in Napier.

  • One and a half years have passed since one of Napier’s most significant flood events in decades. Yet in recent days we have seen more torrential rain, raging rivers and monstrous seas pounding our coast. Mother nature is trying to tell us something!

  • The Napier City Council and Hawke’s Bay Regional Council are jointly responsible for managing the City’s flood protection infrastructure.

  • We have a duty of care for the environment, ourselves and future generations to leave the natural environment in a state that will continue to sustain the future.

  • A changing climate will alter the environment and threaten our lifestyle and economy. Worldwide, sea level rise will affect low-lying coastal areas.

  • The scale and frequency of climate-related events that damage or destroy the natural and built environment will increase as a result of climate change.

  • Much of Hawke’s Bay is prone to drought, and the demand for water exceeds the supply, particularly on the Heretaunga and Ruataniwha Plains.